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[inio_logo] , a wanna be UT mapper, played with UnrealEd in VirtualPC back when UT was popular. He just recently acquired a PC for (almost) the sole purpose of creating Unreal Tournament 2003 content, and hopes to enter Make Something Unreal in the "Best Map Using Original Content" category.

inio's previous work in Unreal Tournament includes several big boxes to play with Unreal Script in*, and the rather fun, but unfortunately network-client-unfriendly [CTF-Peach] ([screenshots]), which was never submitted to any map archives because of this issue.

* including one rather cool Kicker that did motion compensation and kicked you onto a mover following an interpolation path around the top of the room.

See also: Inio/Developer Journal

inio: comments go here, if anyone feels like it.

MythOpus: Hey Inio, Welcome to the wiki ;) (So happy I'm the first to welcome you, i think :S) Anywayz, did you do work on another map based on Zelda ?

inio: No, but I've been repeatedly pressured by a friend to make AS-GerudoFortress.

Tarquin: Hi there. welcome to the wiki :)

Tarquin: isn't that a picture from the UDN on Zoning? Inio, do you have permission to use it here?

inio: If you're referring to the 6-panel picture above, definitely not. I can supply the layered photoshop file or original resolution sources if you want 'em :).

Tarquin: no, I believe you. It just looked familiar, that's all. The tree structure you made for the BSP page is really cool btw. :)

inio: I didn't make that for the BSP page, I made it for CS homework a few quarters ago :). Just happened to remember I had it laying around still when I was reading that page.

EntropicLqd: Greetz. I knew I'd seen your name somewhere before. :)

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