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Inline Object

An Inline Object is an object which from the mapper's point of view appears to be entirely contained within another object. It's all UnrealEd Interface trickery of course: the contained object is stored in the map just like any other object, but it can only be accessed inside the Actor properties of the encclosing object.

The most common example is the Emitter class.

See also Editinline.


The dynamic array of objects contained within Emitters. Click Add to add an item to the array.


Names of the inline objects in the array appear in dark grey. Click the [+] to expand its properties.

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Wormbo: Ok, let's see. Emitters is a dynamic array and that MeshEmitter is an object saved in myLevel and referenced in the Emitter array's first element. Maybe I'm too much of a coder to explain it for mappers... :rolleyes: The editinline keyword in the array's variable declaration is responsible for the dark gray area in the first picture, the line "[+] MeshEmitter myLevel.Meshemitter0" which represents the inline object itself.

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