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Parent class for Internet connection classes.


ELinkMode LinkMode
Data receive mode. (Cannot be set in default properties.)
const int Socket
const int Port
const int RemoteSocket
private native const int PrivateResolveInfo
const int DataPending
number of bytes pending

El Muerte TDS: Broken, is always 0 (versions up to 2166)

EReceiveMode ReceiveMode
Receive mode. (Cannot be set in default properties.)

ELinkMode enum


EReceiveMode enum

Received events will not be called. This means it is your responsibility to check the DataPending var and receive the data.

IPAddr struct

int Addr
int Port


Native functions

native function bool IsDataPending ( )
Returns true if data is pending on the socket.

El Muerte TDS: Broken, always returns false (versions up to 2166)

native function bool ParseURL (coerce string URL, out string Addr, out int Port, out string LevelName, out string EntryName)
Parses an Unreal URL into its component elements. Returns false if the URL was invalid.
native function Resolve (coerce string Domain)
Resolve a domain or dotted IP. Nonblocking operation. Triggers Resolved event if successful. Triggers ResolveFailed event if unsuccessful.
native function int GetLastError ( )
Returns most recent winsock error.
native function string IpAddrToString (IpAddr Arg)
Convert an IP address to a string.
native function bool StringToIpAddr (string Str, out IpAddr Addr)
Convert a string to an IP
native function string Validate (string ValidationString, string GameName)
Validate: Takes a challenge string and returns an encoded validation string.
native function GetLocalIP (out IpAddr Arg)


event Resolved (IpAddr Addr)
Called when domain resolution is successful. The IpAddr struct Addr contains the valid address.
event ResolveFailed ( )
Called when domain resolution fails.

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