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UT :: Actor (UT) >> NavigationPoint (UT) >> InventorySpot (Package: Engine)
UT2003 :: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> SmallNavigationPoint? >> InventorySpot (Package: Engine)

InventorySpots are automatically created by the editor for every Inventory (UT) item in UT or Pickup/xPickUpBase in UT2003. They are invisible in the editor and in the game.

Important: Don't place these in your maps, UnrealEd will handle it for you.

Properties (UT)

Inventory (UT) markedItem
The item this InventorySpot was created for.

Properties (UT2003)

Pickup markedItem
The pickup this InventorySpot was created for.
xPickUpBase myPickupBase
The pickup base this InventorySpot was created for.

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