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Actor >> Info (UT) >> ZoneInfo >> JailZone

This is a zone in which killed players of one team are kept in custody.

Team number of the team jailed in this zone (red = 0, blue = 1).
Number of seconds after which the fallback gibbing kicks in to kill off all surviving inmates. Set this to a value that doesn't allow surviving players to linger around too long after your custom killing mechanism has finished its work. (This property only affects custom death sequences.)


Actor >> Info (UT) >> ZoneInfo >> JBArenaZone
Arena battled is declared a tie after this time, and both players are sent back to jail.
The first time you want an arena battle to be fought. The default is 3 minutes. The timer starts counting at the start of a game.
How often to start a fight. Default is two minutes. The timer seems to start counting at the START of an arena fight. If the timer is finished and no players are available to start an arena battle (or the former arena battle is not finished yet), the timer will simply restart.

To summarize the two timer properties: the Arena tries to start a battle at time ( TriggerAfter + n * TriggerSeconds ), for n = 1,2,3...

ArenaStart, ArenaWin, ArenaTie
Set event tags here to trigger things.
Other zones (that mustn't be JBArenaZones themselves) with that ZoneTag are considered part of the arena. (If they aren't and a player enters one of them – a water zone in an arena for instance – the other player is automatically declared winner.)


Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PlayerStart >> JBPlayerStart

Marks a respawn point for a player or bot in Jailbreak: either in the general playing area of the map or in jail.

Team number of the players or bots spawning at this place (red = 0, blue = 1).
Specifies whether this respawn point is for free or for jailed players. Set this property to True for all JBPlayerStarts in jail.


Actor >> NavigationPoint >> PlayerStart >> JBArenaStart

Start point for the Arena.

Both JBPlayerStarts MUST be in the main JBArenaZone to work, putting them in a SlaveZone (JBArenaZone with the SlaveZoneTag set) will not start an arena battle.


Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JBViewpoint
Team number of the team whose death is viewed through this JBViewpoint during the death sequence (red = 0, blue = 1).
Used with death cams that move along an interpolated path and specifies how the camera behaves when a player from the team that just died in jail is switched to it to view their own gibs flying. If set to True (the default), the camera will not move along the interpolated path but stay where it was set by the mapper in UnrealEd. If set to False, the death cam will start moving along the path when the player starts viewing through it. For cinematic death sequences that somewhat want to synchronize the death cam movement with other events on the screen, it's advisable to leave StaticCameraForDyingTeam set to True.

Tarquin: Just summarizing the above to see if I get it:

  • StaticCameraForDyingTeam = True : winning team see a flyby. Dying team once dead see a static view from the position of the Viewpoint set in the map
  • StaticCameraForDyingTeam = False : winning team see a flyby. Dying team see the same flyby, starting at the same point, but delayed since they need time to be killed first. This may cause undesirable results if the flyby has been carefully synchronized with the death sequence.

Mychaeel: Exactly.

When a team is captured, the viewpoint of the winning team is set to that of the dying team's camera, so they may see with their own eyes the carnage they have inflicted. After the opposing team is dead, the winning team's viewpoint returns to normal as both teams respawn free.

A JBViewpoint actor can be easily attached to a mover in order to create a cinematic flyby sequence (trigger the mover using either the RedCaptured or the BlueCaptured event). Another, more sophisticated (but actually no more difficult) way to create a moving death cam is creating an interpolated path whose Tag is either RedCaptured or BlueCaptured; the JBViewpoint will automatically start moving along this part when the death sequence starts.

Tarquin: does that mean a set of IPs whose Tag is BlueCaptured, or a set of IPs connected to a SpecialEvent whose Tag is BlueCaptured ?

Mychaeel: If there was a SpecialEvent involved, I'd have mentioned it.

Tarquin: sorry for the dumb question bonanza today. :D I had no way of knowing if "interpolated path" means "a set of Int points + SE" or just "a set of Int points", and going by what's currently on the intPath page the SE seemed to be an integral part of an IntPath. I'll refactor some of the above into the main JB mapping page.

Mychaeel: I didn't mean my reply to be offensive, it's just a matter of fact.

Tarquin: I bow down to the judgement of the public at large: maybe I have been crabby lately. :)


Actor >> TeamActivatedMechanism

Abstract base class.

//how close does the AI have to be to charge this jailreleasetrigger?
tells bots to consider this mechanism as a target when attempting to release their teammates.
specifies the team that should use this, not the team that defends it.


Actor >> TeamActivatedMechanism >> TeamActivatedTrigger

It is important to note that a TeamActivatedTrigger has no automatic method of releasing prisoners: this must be set manually, by binding TeamActivatedTrigger : Events → Event to the Tag of the object that actually releases the team.

These triggers can be used in a capacity other than that of a release mechanism. They could conceivable operate the door to a team's arsenal, a drawbridge, or a trap, for example.


Actor >> TeamActivatedMechanism >> TeamActivatedDamageAtOnce

Behaves like a TeamActivatedTrigger that is triggered by being damaged (shot at, for instance). The damage must be inflicted at once (by a single shot). Bots currently aren't capable of using this sort of TeamActivatedMechanism, so better don't use them for jail release mechanisms.


Actor >> TeamActivatedMechanism >> TeamActivatedDamageBuildUp

Like a TeamActivatedDamageAtOnce, but allows damage to build up over time (multiple shots can build up the total damage needed to trigger this actor). Bots currently aren't capable of using this sort of TeamActivatedMechanism, so better don't use them for jail release mechanisms.


RedCaptured, BlueCaptured

BlueCaptured and RedCaptured events are sent out when a complete team has been imprisoned. These events can be used to set off a custom killing mechanism (falling rocks, collapsing walls, poisonous gas, trap doors... endless opportunities). If no mechanism is set off by these events the prisoners will simply be gibbed, but if a mechanism is set off, it must kill the prisoners for the death scene to end and the game to continue.

RedCapturePending, BlueCapturePending

Fired when the death cam switches to the captured team's jail, a few seconds before RedCaptured or BlueCaptured is called.


Fired after the death sequence is completed, when the next round starts.


Fired when Sudden Death Overtime starts. Use it to open a secret weapon closet with heavy-duty weapons, for instance, or to change the mood of your maps (search lights, helicopters, rising sun, or whatever).

Arena Events

The JBArenaZone class has three custom events (see above).

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