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JoeDark/Developer Journal

Day 165 of 2003

So I'm digging around the bot spawning code in the game types and it's pretty obfuscated. It seems to me that in name of "proper object-oriented design" that the code for UT2k3 is much for obscure and indirect than the UT stuff. Makes sifting through it a little more tedious. Don't get me wrong, they've cleaned up a lot of stuff, but I wonder if they haven't overcomplicated some things.

Anyway, so I was digging through the bot spawning code and noticed a little something that many of you have probably already seen. If you create a game and use the name CliffyB then all the bots that spawn will be named after the guys in Epic. And apparently The_Reaper bot gets set to bad ass. Not that interesting, but novel.


Mychaeel: I'd like to move that to [Developer Journals/JoeDark]? if you don't mind.

Tarquin: This might be a good time to start switching over page names, as discussed on the DevJour page

Mychaeel: Your call. I'm fine with either. For the sake of consistency the existing developer journals should be moved to "Author/Developer Journal" though and a redirect from the original page should be established to that new page.

JoeDark: Indeed, I saw Tarquin's remark in the Journal page and decided to make it here. Though I don't honestly care if you want it moved somewhere else. Let me know what you guys decide.

Nytro: I suggest a "Category Developer Journal".

Tarquin: Done

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