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This mutator provides every player within the game the ability to jump extremely high. This is a similar effect to that obtained when wearing jump boots, but does have slightly different behaviour.


Inherited From Actor (UT)

PostBeginPlay ( )
If this game is a subclass of DeathMatchPlus then set the bJumpMatch property to true.
The bJumpMatch property is interrogated within the function DeathMatchPlus.PlayerJumpZScaling(). This function returns a Z scaling of 3 if the bJumpMatch property if true.
The Assault.InitGame( string Options, out string Error ) function explicity sets the bJumpMatch property to false.

Inherited From Mutator (UT)

bool CheckReplacement (Actor (UT) Other, out byte bSuperRelevant)
This function returns false every time an object of type UT JumpBoots is encountered. This effectively removes all jump boots from the game.

Category Class (UT)

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