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Everything..and all

Email: cruelangelde@hotmail.com

AIM: FrozenTheory

MIRC: JaaK, [AA]Niper

Current Site: None

Specs: WinXP, 120 Gig HD, 512 Memory, 2.2 Ghz, GeForce4, and Cable Modem

Favorite Forums: My prime one is http://www.animeprophecy.net/ and sometimes http://forums.altimus-labs.com

Favorite Games/Etc: Tactical Ops / Battlefield 1942

Something else here Maybe? something?...no?...ok..

Contributed to the Wiki: That blood effects tutorial

JustaAverageKid, who the **** is that?

I am now going by [AA]=Niper in all the IRCs I go to now, but I am in the channels #mentalmapping, and #aa2

Can we leave?

No! You must stay! Um...I'll give you money? No! WAIT!!

Transmission Failed

Tarquin: hi & welcome to the wiki :)

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