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Karma Ragdoll/Discuss


The Karma Ragdoll page seemed a little technical to be appropriate for this, but I had to share...

This happened by accident (this is a static state):

Now what's the chance of a ragdoll getting stuck like that?

(btw, I was testing to see if I had solved the ragdoll-getting-sholder-stuck-inside-stairway problem on this little test map, the stairway is just out of frame on the right.

OBWANDO: I did the same with my code, (looked wild) It seemed that the bot was about to jump and I lit a rocket under it, and I have a karma hold for 3 seconds while i debug and that pose was the same. I'm going to look at the animations that are chosen and try to use that effect in my mod (and for a fatality :))

AlphaOne: This happens so many times to me its not even funny. Plus, sometimes the characters get stretched a lot (ex: when they get shot with flak cannon)

Foxpaw: That stretching occurs regardless I believe. When you first go into Karma Ragdoll simulation all of your "body parts" get placed in a big clump at your Location, then they collide with each other and fly outward. I don't know if the actual weapons impact makes a difference to this effect, but it might.

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