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What is it that a keyframe was again? – Aha, young grasshopper, a keyframe is a frame that is very key!

Jokes aside, a keyframe is a point that marks the position of a mover in space. Unreal allows you to have up to 8 Key frames, or 8 different positions for you mover to be in.

Setting Keyframes

Before you get to this point you should already have a mover created. If you have no idea how to do that than head on over to the Create A Mover page and read over that section first.

  • First make sure you mover is in initial position you'd like it to start at.
  • Now right-click the mover brush and do Brush Context Menu → Movers → Key 1.
  • The mover is now in its key 1 position. At the moment this position is, by default, identical to key 0. Move the mover to its intended second position. See below for some examples of what position to give the mover for key 1.
  • Now do a test. Right click and go back to keyframes and click on key 0. It should move back to its original position. Right click and go to key 1 and it should move back into position you set for it. You have a working mover!
  • Set as many postions as you like up to position 8. This is the maximum number of keyframes a mover can have.

The MoverNumKeys property must be set to the number of keys the mover has; the default value is 2.

Moving or rotating keyframe 0 affects all the keyframes in the same way. For example, if you make your lift mover go up 256 units for keyframe 1, and then decide to move it to another spot in your map, put it back into keyframe 0 and move it. Keyframe 1 will still be directly above keyframe 0.


Simple swinging door
Say we're doing a simple swinging door. So you add the door as a mover in its closed position. At this point it is already set to keyframe 0. Now right-click and set it to keyframe 1. Then rotate the mover in its open position.
Simple sliding door
See Making Doors.
Rotating and swinging doors
This tutorial will show you how to make Rotating and Swinging Doors as I know how to make them.
Constantly revolving movers
(needs writing)

Next Step

You've told your mover how it should move, now you need to tell it when it should move. Move on to part 3: Activating a mover.

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