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About me

U want to know something about me? Ok, i am just coding a little bit.

I starded with Unreal Tournement, but i have not done any great usefull things. All my work of that time is lost :(

but as soon as ut2003 was released i began to work on a mod. A big project, but uptill now i could solve almost every problem alone, or with a little bit help by wiki or the beyondunreal coding forum. So special thanks to all who helped me.


At the moment i am only working at one Project: Global Warzone.

Check the [GWZ-Site] for further information.

Everything else

Any questions? Konma@gmx.de

As soon i will find some time i will write something more interesting here. I know, reading this is wasted time ;)

EntropcLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay.

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