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A tyre for use by vehicles.


float Adhesion
'stickyness' in the normal dir
bool bReceiveStateNew
bool bTireOnGround
If this tire is currently in contact with something.
material GroundMaterial
material that tyre is touching
ESurfaceTypes GroundSurfaceType
surface type that the tyre is touching
float LateralFriction
friction coeff. in sideways direction
float LateralSlip
max first-order (force ~ vel) slip in sideways direction
float MinSlip
minimum slip (both directions)
KRigidBodyState ReceiveState
float Restitution
'bouncyness' in the normal dir
float RollFriction
friction coeff. in tyre direction
float RollSlip
max first-order (force ~ vel) slip in tyre direction
float SlipRate
amount of extra slip per unit velocity
float Softness
'softness' in the normal dir
float SpinSpeed
current speed (65535 = 1 rev/sec) of this wheel spinning about its axis
KCarWheelJoint WheelJoint
joint holding this wheel to chassis etc.

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