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UT2003 :: Actor >> Brush >> Volume >> PhysicsVolume >> LadderVolume (Package: Engine)

Right, the ladder volume is basicly, you create a cube, aproximately the size of where your ladder is and you place it there, setting it to be a ladder volume so whenever someone runsinto the ladder they climb up it, but it is known to have some problems when people try to climb down, anyone up to coding a better laddervolume?

Chip: LadderVolumes don't function inside other PhysicsVolumes (save the DefaultPhysicsVolume, of course) unless you set the Priority property of the LadderVolume higher than that of the Physics Volume containing it (this per the udncontent logo UDN Volumes tute & pointed out to me by Doctor7, thankyouverymuch, mea culpa).

OMGTTFS Can you give a link to the UDN volumes tute. Much appreciated.

Balu: done. :-)

Mosquito: When using laddervolumes, give alittle slack at the top, so you can grab it from above

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