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Languard aka Rick Fleming

Age: 26

Occupation: Cursing myself for not graduating a year sooner (Translation: Security Guard until I can find a programming job)

Well, I love gaming. Some day I'll fullfill that mythical dream of making games for a living, but until then I just plan on having fun coding :D I'm rather new to UT2003 (only had it for about 2 months as of Sep 5th) so my mind is still in the 'holy heck there's a lot to learn here' shock stage, but hopfully after the shock stage is over I'll be able to help out the community.


MythOpus: Hey... Welcome to The Wiki:) Enjoy Your Stay!

Languard: So far I'm loving it. Renews my faith that there is such a thing as non-destructive cooperation on net :cheesy:

MythOpus: LoL. Ya this works great :) There's the occasional page delete but it's all good :cheesy:

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