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LegalAssassin/Developer Journal

LegalAssassin's random work/work in progress/will be done


This is were I'll put something I have done, or will do, let alone doing. Updates will be random but something might be of interest, and it'll show up on the recent updates page, so... ah, to hell with it, here it is :)


20 Nov 2002

Working on a map for TTR (which still wont download properly) and on some gothic stuff for 2k3. I'm using Shane_Church.utx for everything, even static meshes. (Pic below)


21 Nov 2002

Just threw something togheter for [Mod_ideas/Killingspree] joke :p

(Drag-and-drop, no remote linking sUx0rz)

10 Dec 2002

Just watched the Nobel awards. Jimmy Carter is smart, unlike other US presidents...

This is a german WW2 rocketplane, well, at least it did blow up quite often :p


5 Jan 2003

All fingers intact, though I did manage to light 40 rockets at once, IN MY HAND. Lucky me, they were small, so I dropped 'em and ran like hell, rockets flying around me. No danger, but it was fun to see the old people's reaction :) As always, I get bored, and as always I map when I'm bored. So, I decided to throw a quick beach toghether for TTR. Of course, I started making the terrain behind and now I have actually covered quite a big area. So, next addition will be a town.

Now, I wanted to keep the terrain detail high on the beach, as you wont see that far. However, further inland it'll have to be low-poly, as you see far, over many fields and, of course, the town. So, the terrain brushes got very messy, but my goal's completed. Here's a quick pic of how messy:


13 Jan 2003

So, I've dropped out of school. Otherwise, everything's normal :)

You have to see The Two Towers, it's schweet! Only wish I could make the same stuff in UT2003 ;)

Also, I joined the PaintBall: 2003 modteam, less-than-working website: http://www.unrealfans.com/hunter/pb2003/

Basically, AFAIK, it's Paintball. Yes, pretty much it. Here's a Wiki exclusive:


It's a pump-action marker! (Gun, heatens, :rolleyes: )

29 Jan 2003

With the world going to war, I'm sitting in my basement and realize that you CAN NOT MAKE A FECKEN TERRAIN WITHOUT 40 UED CRASHES :pissed: Wonder if I can get some nukes :p

So, back to the good ol' UEd2... Not as nice, but it works ;)

I'm helping a guy out making a map, and he really sucks at mapping. He hasn't read the tutorials properly and he's got everything out of place. I e, tries making movers going from 2 to 0 to 1, a door. I've explained everything twice, still wont do it. Yes, it was properly explained, but he's impatient. All brushes are out of grid, dimensions like 45, 86, 100, 53 and 394 are standard. How do I tell him to slow down, read the tut's and learn the BASIC basics, the things that is in the start of the first tut?

15 Feb 2003

Been helping guys out with small stuff lately, like one item to be skinned, showing how to do complex triggers and movers etc, been working out great really. I'm applying to help Chaos UT out with mapping, I liked the UT release and consider meself insane enough to get something Chaotic together :)

My dad's 50th birthday is up today (after I've slept) and we'll have at least 30 guests dropping in, so, not much UED tomorrow ;)

Also, I'm trying to stop the Iraq-shit in any way I can, at least for now, though it's not much, at least I do something :)

Screens of the CUT-map comming up soon :D


Legal: Where should I subgroup this?

ZxAnPhOrIaN: The [Developer Journals]? page. ;)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Also, those static meshes look like the stairways near the damage amp in the orignal UT's DM-Gothic!

Legal: Dammit! And I thought I was original :( It's for my 2k3 Gothic SM pack ;) I think I'll do that (grouping)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: And what is ttr

Legal: www.planetunreal.com/thirdreich - click it!

I like to keep it mysterious, yeah o_O

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Don't you know how to create terrain with the terrain tool?

Legal: Yes, I do, but with the stability of UED3 on WinME... you get it :pissed: ;)

Mosquito:You plan do anything with that terrain? if you want you could rip Lest we forget for BSP, I'm not gonna stop you, you could have a great Day map out in afew days if you just rip my Brushes.

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