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things to mention:

what is does.

the annoying way it's not quite horizontal: how much to rotate it by to rectify this.

how much to scale it by to fit popular light textures.

recommended value of ScaleGlow.

  • change the size with DrawScale
  • the proportions (a little) with Fatness.
  • Adjust ScaleGlow for the brightness effect

(see Actor (UT)/Display for more info on these properties)



Lightcone decoration. Not as nice for general use but sometimes handy.

Non-Solid Brush

Bean: Sometimes, if i need a large lightbox, but the mesh one won't work with what I need, i just use a non-solid cube brush. Then, I vertex edit the bottommost (or topmost if the light box with come from bottom source) side outwards to be the shape of a lightbox. Then, i use the texture in the FractalFX package called "Horizon50" for the lightbox texture. Also, making the surfaces unlit makes it look more like a lightbox.

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