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This is the hub page for anything about lighting in maps.

In technical terms, lighting is fairly simple: place many Light actors in the map, rebuild and the map is lit. Good lighting is an essential part of a map's atmosphere.


(UT stuff follows, needs updating & sorting)


Static Lighting

  • Lighting Basics
  • Examples of Colors
  • Using Zonelight to provide ambient light to a whole unzoned level or a zoned subsection of a level.
  • Shadows?
  • using special lit & unlit surfaces
  • the lightbox decoration. Have DrawScale settings to make it line up perfectly to the more popular light textures.
  • Lightmap Errors

Dynamic Lighting

Obviously there'll be crossover from dynamics here.

  • triggered lights
  • worth mentioning here (and under sound too) the cunning trick of using TriggerLight to make triggered sounds that use a looped sound.
  • dynamic lights
  • Scripted Light Shows
  • the TriggerLight class spec
  • Movable Lights – How to make a light movable! By: ZxAnPhOrIaN

Lighting Effects

  • How to create (true and fake) fog
  • A Corona is a texture that looks like a flare and is applied at the light source. Its size is always the same relative to the screen. The effect often mistakenly called a "Lens Flare".
  • palette loop modulation
  • modulated light


Related Topics


Feel free to reorganize things, suggest new topics to cover and start new pages.

Sobiwan: We have Topics on Mapping and Topics on Materials as hubs, so either:

  1. this page should become [Topics on Lighting]?
  2. those page names should be truncated
  3. they should all be renamed to something different such as topicname Hub.

I vote for #1.

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