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I think any mapper need this device. At least us who can't use Maya, can't find Lightwave and think 3DSM is too exreme. Like me.

The Plan

Basically, it should be able to do this:

  • Import .3ds, .dxf (...) models.
  • Import the skinmap for the model.
  • Put up at least one light at any (well, "any") distance (uu (and meters?)).
  • Export a .tga file with the shadows on a transparant background, for easy copy/paste.

Other stuff that would be good

  • Auto-unwrapping.
  • Put the shadow on the done skin.
  • A bunch of options.
  • Anything else needed, apart from a healty dose of bugs and crashes.


Code away! Let us know if you do!


Mychaeel: I'd expect it is extremely unlikely that some programmer will come by and code this thing for you – especially given the fact that it would be highly redundant to existing software, and much less than trivial to code. I suggest you post that thought in a forum, not here.

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