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Making Flames

Method 1: Sheets

To make flames with brushes:

  1. Click on the Volumetric brushbuilder in the toolbox (it's the buttons whose tooltip says "torches chains etc")
  2. Choose a flame-like texture to it from packages such as GreatFire and GreatFire2.
  3. Align it to fit. Right click on the brush to adjust proportions. Translucent flag recommended.

Method 2: Mesh

Open your actor browser. Go to the Light (UT) subsection and select TorchFlame. Now add that actor where you want the flame to go. This is not really a good way to add flames, cos they tend to 'disappear' from certain angles, etc.

You can scale this TorchFlame by going to its properties and adjusting the Display → DrawScale property.


Flames usually don't cast white light. Make sure the light you set matches the flames accordingly (with the GreatFire packages, most flamelight would be red-orange in color.)

Adding a corona makes the flame look more realistic and gives the impression of volume.

ProjectX: we could do with some screenshots for each tutorial showing each step, we could also do with bundling all tutorials that are to do with fire into here, that way it is easier to navigate the site

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