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Making Lifts

This tutorial assumes you already know how to Create A Mover.

Place it where you want the lift to be at the start. When you add the static mesh into the level, you need to select it in the static mesh browser, and then in UnrealEd click on Add Mover. It looks like a small blue box with lots of arrows coming out of it. Place the mover where you want it to start and right click on it.

  1. Rclick the mover → key1 to define it
  2. Move the mover up to the level you want it to go
  3. Rclick the mover → key 2. It will quickly go back to where it was at key 1.
  4. set Properties → Mover → BumpType to BT_AnyBump. This will allow both bots and players to use it.
  5. set Mover → MoveTime to the number of seconds it takes to move through keysl. The default is 1.00000 second.

    If you want to have a slow start and end with a fast ride in the middle (or vice versa), use a GradualMover.

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