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My Team or Your Team (a disclaimer)

Before you start reading this whole Making Mods section and get turned off but what seems a heavy emphasis on having a team leader, remember it doesn't have to be like that. The apparent emphasis on a team owner this simply made the section easier to write.

Having a team leader or lead coder/mapper/whatever isn't mandatory. In other words, don't waste more time building an intricate team structure than that structure would help to save. In fact it is problably better to avoid having a heavy team structure if at all possible. This gives all participants in the creation of the mod a sense of equal ownership.

Some mod teams work fine as an "autonomous collective" (shades of Monty Python). Sometimes the older members (or sometimes just one) will be accepted as unofficial leaders, simply because in the event of disagreements members will respect their opinion.

However your team fits itself together (and no two teams are alike) the following are essential.

  • A fair and consistent way of handling disputes and disagreements.
  • A single, bang up to date, specification for your mod that's available to everyone. (A private Wiki works great for that.)
  • At least one communication-platform where everyone can speak to the rest.

Spoon: I agree with this. I think you need someone to get the ball rolling, aka a project leader, after that let the individual's skill, creativity, and experience take over. Don't micro manage your team. Come up with a goal and let them communicate between each other to get it done. As a project leader, your goal is to work on a kick ass website :D

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