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Map Ideas/CTF-SpaceRing



Capture The Flag


Space, Low Gravity


doesn't need one, basically describes itself below

Teamgame Areas

  • The flag positions are in the air locks on opposite sides of the ring. They are there because it would allow two passageways to the flag, making it harder to defend.
  • Air Lock access doorway for the people to respawn because it would be realistic that the people would come in from a space shuttle.

Areas of intrest or great significance

  • the middle; the snipers Heaven!!
  • wooden houses with flak cannons; ambushers alcove!! ( if you shoot the glass with ANY weapon, everybody will be blasted into space until the infinite spare sheets of glass and the earth-atmosphere replicators take into effect. It would last thirty seconds)
  • river; it has lots of adreniline pills on the bottom!


the ring world would have the effect of spinning really fast; nausiated people should leave the arena or UT!

Wrapping Up Items

great outer-space level

Map Idea Creator:ZxAnPhOrIaN

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