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Map Ideas/DM-Theater

Here's the basics of what I have... I've made up my mind on very few textures... always open to suggestions. Lighting is off in most of the pictures, too. they came out kinda dark (darker than they are in the game) so I had to brighten them in MSPhotoEd (BLEH!)


This is probably the crappiest area... Don't pay any attention to the disarray that is the lack of good texturing. it was what was clicked on when I made them. the only texture that's sure to stay is the walls, I had a bitch of a time finding that one. not to say that I'm pleased but... ANY suggestions are welcome. I can use all I can get at this point... I'm kinda stuck on a way to make it not look like crap.


I'm fairly proud of the doors here. they lead into a small rectangular room where I'll put in two payphones, and maybe later a door to a parking lot with futuristic cars... AKA: the cars that are a decoration actor. I don't want to devote a great deal of time to some cars.


Pretty basic stuff here. Sniper rifle leaning in the corner, a table with a book on it, some windows... which leads me to a question. each of the windows has their own breakingwindow actor linked with it, but when I shoot the middle one with a rocket, the middle window breaks, and then the other windows don't... I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but I'd be interested to know how to fix it, even if you can.


This is the view that I'm most proud of so far. it's a tie between this and the next. this is a view (with the window shot out) from the sound booth/sniper pit. The back wall leading into the prop room will eventually be covered with a sheet with a cloud skin (for a backdrop). aside from that, you'll note all the chairs. crappy decoration chairs, but I couldn't find any others that are easily destroyable and don't put TOO much of a strain on a relatively well equipped system. I thought it would be worth a frame or two per second to be able to blow up all the chairs. and boy, is it ever!


This is from the stage, looking out to the audience and the soundbooth. lots of chairs, and fairly realistic looking, I think.

ALL of the textures, except for the stage floor, audience floor, and red walkways are probably going to be changed, but feel free to suggest things... I'm color-blind, so any assistance would be most helpful. that made me sound very stupid. and PLEASE give suggestions on ANYTHING you can give it on. it will eventually have a bathroom, and MAYBE a back parking lot with a semi-truck in it. PLEASE give suggestions, this is my first map, and I need all the help I can get. I'm struggling through it as it is.

ASIDE: this webpage has been VERY helpful, and what a great idea to make it free-edited! fantastic. I hope that it's half as helpful to everyone else as it is to me. THANKS!

Flash-point Black ( flashpointblack@earthlink.net )

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Sorry to hear that you are color-blind.

Flashpoint Black: It's actually not so bad. I was born with it, it may be different if it happened after awhile, but I'm used to it by now.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I would go WILD if i was color-blind. Sorry to be nosy, but what colors can't you see?

Flashpoint Black: it's not that I can't see colors, really. it's that some colors look so much the same when they aren't right next to each other. like, I can't tell the difference between blue and purple. even when they're right next to each other, I don't know which is which, just that they're different. other than that... brown, red, and green are all in a group. blue and purple as I said before.

Legal: So you've got the common form of colorblindness, red-green colorblindness. Zxan, this means that he might have trouble seeing the differance between red and green, as well as many colors mixed betwen them, even if just one of them is red/green.

You are thinking of total colorblindness, everything goes greyscale.

Mozzie Ya, like dog vision. I had a friend that was semi-colour blind, he could see the differents between Purple and red. Nice Start on the map.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: That would stink if you went total colorblind, but it would be better than being totally blind.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Everybody has a form of color-blindes, subtle or severe!

Flashpoint Black: I knew someone who had total colorblindness... that would stink, to say the least. there are worse things out there, though... none that I can think of right now... I'm pretty tired ;)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: It would be really funny to see a person shoot the redeemer into those chairs! (DUCK!) :P

Flashpoint Black: it is funny! I've played it with a friend once to get his opinion on it, and it makes it very hard to see much of anything with wood pieces flying all about. it also spawned a couple jokes about the haunted self-cleaning theater. turn your back, wait 5 seconds and everything is perfectly clean again... less the chairs, of course. wish my house was like that!

Darthlore: It'd be even more freaky if the chairs respawned then u could do it again and again

Foxpaw: A good way to make things look more detailed is to use shadows. If you put a bunch of light fixtures around, like on the roof, on the sides of the aisles in the theatre area, etc. and have lights coming from them, it creates the illusion of greater detail.

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