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Mapping For Jailbreak

For mapping information about Jailbreak III for Unreal Tournament, see Mapping for UT Jailbreak.

Jailbreak for UT2003 is still being developed. Here are some rough notes if you want a headstart mapping for it.

The official Jailbreak 2003 documentation site is the Jailbreak Developer Network at http://www.planetjailbreak.com/jdn/ (another Wiki, in fact). All mapping-related actors are documented there, and several small tutorials explain how to set up Jailbreak maps.


There are far fewer special classes compared to the UT version. In particular:

  • Use standard PlayerStart everywhere. Set the team number as you would in any other game.
  • Use standard ZoneInfo everywhere. You can use any subclasses too, for anything, including the Arena and the Jails.
    • The JBInfoJail actor can be set to automatically bind itself to the zone it sits in.
    • The JBInfoArena actor can be set to automatically bind itself to the zone it sits in also, but you probably will want several zones in the arena to optimise it. So you can:
      • set a Tag for all Arena zones
      • use a Volume to delineate the arena
  • The release switch can be any GameObjective subclass.

For bot support playtesting, disable the PlayerStarts in the jails and the arena, shove two flags in and run it as CTF ;)

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