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Tip Pages

Please consider:

  • all information is a tip. It can be good to have a list of things for people to scan and pickup information from, but when the list becomes too long it starts to lose its usefulness. Please consider making tips into fully fledged pages.
  • Avoid overlap between the beginner FAQ and tip pages. For that matter, what is the difference between a tip page and a faq page?

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Should this page be deleted?

CH3Z: from the comments, it sounds to me like this page is a list that should be added to UnrealWiki To Do or each page is this list should be tagged in some way... more than it should be a form of forward index.

Tarquin: THis page sort of sprang up and became HUGE. I gradually moved things off to other pages listed above. People seem to want pages of "tips" for some reason. If we remove this page it'll just come back ... *sigh*

Mychaeel: People seem to like forward indices. The only arguments against them have been so far that they're hard to maintain (which is not a visitors' concern and thus shouldn't be ours either) and that, if not structured well, they might lead to "information overload" (which is nothing specific to forward indices).

Backward indices, on the other hand, have the sole benefit of being easily maintainable, but present the user with a plain flat list of more or less descriptive page titles. To me, actually, that sounds more like "information overload" than a structured, descriptive list of selected pages on a topic.

discussion moved to Big Cleanup and some to Application.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Should this page be merged to Map Design??

Ch3z: Some of the pages linked above already belong to more than one category. But most programing sites have a "Tips and Tricks" section. Maybe its worthy of a category? I think it it were a category more tips pages would pop up to populate the category, but I'm not clairvoyant(So if you build it, they MIGHT come).

Tarquin: The problem is that just about anything can be classed as a "tip of trick".

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