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Master Browser

The Master Browser is a Browser window in the UnrealEd Interface that can contain any of the other browsers. The image below shows the Master Browser with every possible browser docked in it (UnrealEd3):


The names of each browser are displayed in seperate tabs under the toolbar, and can be clicked on to display that browser.

To dock or undock a browser, go to View → Docked in the toolbar. Warning: this may cause crashes in the Editor.

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Tarquin: Could you remake the pic as a PNG please? It might be smaller, and it won't have JPEG blur. The filename should begin with "interface-Ed3-" :)

Daid303: Darn :P I was thinking this page was about the master browser as in 'searching for internet games', oh well.

Shuriken: Tarq- done. The old masterbrowser image still exists... I'm guessing I can't delete it?

Daid- Hmm... yeah. Didn't think about that :s

Tarquin: 44k down to 16k! Told you so :D I'll take care of the old image.

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