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Machismo : Before I write the tutorials i thought i'd get some suggestions :p
# A look at creating a 500 poly "level peice" ... a cliched pipe or something more complex?original?

    1. EP curve Tool/Revolving/Loft/Bevel - your basic 2deditor like functions
    2. Maya Boolean Operations - Combine/Union/Difference/Intersection
    3. Create Polygon Tool/ Appened toPolygon Tool
    4. Sculpt Polygon Tool - For creating terrain mesh peices
    5. Extrude/Merge Face/Vertices/Edges
    6. Hypershade and materials
    7. Layingout UVS, Moving and Sewing UV's
    8. Painting the skin in Photoshop
    9. Baking Shadows / Generating Lightmaps
    10. Content Pipeline From Maya TO UnrealEd3 & Optimising meshes for game use??

Meh i'm just getting myself organised, this looks like it could be a long haul tutorial written over several weeks :)

EntropicLqd: No kidding. I started Maya up and it frightenend me so I closed it down again. As long as the whole process from creation in Maya through to import into UT is covered it doesn't matter how complex or simple the level piece is I don't think.

Machismo: True. But anyone who reads this part of the wiki should have basic working knowledge of maya. from help >> Library (F1) and at least Chapter One and Two of Instant Maya. The movement and layout is intuitive give it a try :)

EntropicLqd: I'm not sure there's any such thing as "intuitive" - except maybe order by thought. Thanks for specifying the course pre-requisites though - I'll be encouraged and have another go. :)

EntropicLqd: Well, it was a little less scary this time around, but my goodness me - there's so much stuff to remember. I keep trying to move around in Maya in the same way as I do in UT, and odd things keep happening. That water mark is intensely annoying. I wish they'd made it a little more faint. It makes my eyes go funny after a while because I keep thinking it should be occluded by the objects I'm editing rather than in front of them. It's probably a perspective thing - everything else moves around except the watermark. I really hope the one that comes with UT2003 doesn't have it. Still, having managed what I've done so far I guess I'll be able to create reasonably simple prefabs in ... oooooh ... 3-4 months.

Tarquin: Maya PLE is a 140MB download, so I won't have it until UT2003 is released, and even then I'll need to get myself a new graphics card – so I'm talking in the dark here, but may I suggest you collate jottings on the Maya interface somewhere? I pretty much built up the Mouse Control page bit by bit as a text file on my HD when I was getting to grips with UEd.

EntropicLqd: I certainly could do that. The only potential problem with that it seems (although I've not done it) that you can customise the GUI elements. But yes, it's a good idea, and I'll do it.

ProjectX; I'm having preoblems with the whole layout thing too, but i won't let it beat me. I can't seem to load the UnEditor Plugin, ne1 know how to?

Highlander: Had the same trouble, you need to add it to your path variable. Bring up the system properties (windows key + pause) goto advanced then enviroment variables. add something like the following:

; C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya 4 Personal Learning Edition\bin;C:\UT2003\System;c:\UT2003

to the end (basicly unreal and maya need to be in the path variable for some strange reason...

MouriceNo1: You need to put the path in there so that the Maya plugin can find the UnrealEd and UT2003 exes without having to have it set it in Maya.

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