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24-year-old 3D/video artist by training, Java/Lotus Notes/"miscellaneous" developer by necessity. Works for a relatively unknown shipping company in Seattle; lives just inside the city. Fan of robotical-type things; giant or no, and most definitively old-school. Also a game-fan-in-general(but especially shmups), comic-n-animation afficinado, and beer-lover descendant.

I've actually played around editing with games since the original Doom; ever since after the Aliens TC and discovering the Doom Construction Kit("Ve ah Developahz.").Unfortunately, nothing public ever came of this(not even the UT experimenting), so I'm hoping to finally rectify that with UT2k3. Much of the general idea of Mychaeel's writings have been ingrained on my soul ever since the Quake and Avara days(born out of the vitriol towards websites popping up on the Gamespy Planet* sites promising fantabulous things, that were obviously run by 12-year-olds). Also a dislike of clans in general, but that's another story.

I especially like pushing new gameplay concepts and "weird"/funny things in the Unreal engines. My development tastes correspond with Jeff "Llamatron" Minter:

"Reality is boring. With the graphic power becoming available to humble game coders like me, I can now give gameplayers a car that looks _extremely like an actual car_. Or I can use that same power to take them to a completely new space, where every day, before breakfast, they can see things that no living human has ever seen before." –Jeff Minter, 1997


I can be reached easiest at mechaman@gocougs.wsu.edu. My working page is at http://welcome.to/nowloading, but the amount of time between updates should tell you something. Another gap to be rectified!

Mecha/Developer Journal



Gearframe Generation:

Largish pseudo-TC loosely based on the Virtual On series, including other bits from favorite mecha games like Armored Core, Gunvalkyrie, and ZOE. Was actually inspired by Smashdroids UT, but UT's animation system wasn't up to the requirements at the time. Has actually been planned in my off hours over the past year or two, and most of my other projects are proof-of-concept demos supporting its underpinnings.



Taken too much damage, or a well-placed head-shot? There goes the ol' noggin flying–but the catch is that you're still in it. Depending on the complexity(and the patience of the author), either your body is "remote-controlled" until it picks it back up, or you'll have to manually yell to the bot controlling your body to come get you. Watch out for other player's kicks!


Hitting the wall too hard? It'll hurt.(Of course, this one has run into problems already while I figure out where the physical damage code is located).


With jet-assisted jumps and a limited-duration jetpack, the catch is that you'll need to perform an action or "dash" to keep the timer high on the jets. Think Gunvalkyrie's Boost Combo system, or (*choke*) Marvel vs. Capcom 2's aerial juggles. Not rightly sure if this concept works in a fast-action game, but like I said, proof-of-concept demonstrators.


Similiar to Wormbo's MultiDodge, instead of dodging near a wall, you can flip off of it. Simple, but hopefully good for entertaining screenies(I'm hoping that these three also work to liven up [Raging Carnival] as well).


Mostly based on various mecha games(Homing Laser Launcher, Multiwarhead Missiles, etc.) , and other random concepts that sounded fun. I'm a big fan of experimenting with remote-control weaponry–not Redeemers, mind you, but rather more autonomous drones. Think Bal-Baros.

Now, to wait for the usual words of welcome from the rest of the inmate–er, developers. ;)

Wormbo: Well, I'll start with the usual words. ;) Welcome to the site. Feel free to add yourself to the list of Project Contributors (if you didn't do that already) and have a look at Category Journal, maybe you want to put your journal there.
"Similar to Wormbo's MultiJump" – I must be sleep-coding again, I can't remember such a mutator. o_O However, I made a Multi Dodging mutator.

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki.

Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the site

Mecha: The brain, she is the no work! Appropriate changes made, and thanks to all. ;)

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