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About Me (or, the origin of Melaneus)

There was a game called The Even More Incredible Machine. In it, you made contraptions out of things like hamster cages, monkeys on bicycles, and many varieties of balls. In this game was a character called Mel Schlemming (who acted like a Lemming from that game series). Well, of course it was fun to torture Mels by putting them in deadly pinball bumper traps and feeding them to alligators.

Eventually I set one Mel apart, that was my avatar of sorts. He killed the other Mels and other crazy things. He was Maniacal Mel.

Maniacal Mel became my "handle" and I used it on many occasions. I used the shorthand MMel for usernames and sometimes parts of passwords.

I dream of making epic video games. Of my many ideas was one called "The Gate War", which was a fantasy story with superhero grade characters called the Ecliptic. One character in this story was Mel. He was supposed to be a little crazy, but a help to the good guys nonetheless. Well, Mel doesn't sound like the name a fantasy genre character would have. The character's full name expanded to "Melaneus Ambrax Therus T. Ambrosius" (the T stands for Tetranimus), and this is where my handle Melaneus, which I use for my UT2003 productions, comes from.

Critical Systems Digital

For all intents and purposes, I am CSD. Ever sinse I first came up with the virtual company name sometime around 1996, it has been as much a part of my work as the name Melaneus.

I've went as far as to replace the nVidia logo on UT2003 with a totally cool 3D CSD logo. Well, it's cool to me.

I reserve all rights to the name and insignia of Critical Systems Digital.

Home page

There I present some of my game ideas in Flash. I have to admit I am a fan of the Nintendo video games, with the Legend of Zelda series being my favorite. (I'm making a UT2003 map of the Light World from the SNES game "A Link to the Past", for cryin' out loud.) I tend to prefer a bit of cutesiness over the ultraviolence that seems so prevalent in the PC gaming genre.


SwitchArsenal, my big contribution to UT2003, is a toolkit for customizing many aspects of the game, such as the pickups, what players start with, and class/purchase menus. I do believe I spend more than 5x more time coding than playing. I'm guessing I'm not alone...

EntropicLqd: Hi, welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay.

Zxanphorian: Hey, i have The Even More Incredible Machine too! :) (Welcome, btw) :) :tup:

Tarquin: Hi :)

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