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MeshMaker/Creating A Decoration Subtree

Not only can you bundle multiple decorations created with MeshMaker in a single .u file, with a bit of manual help you can also have them appear in their own subtree in the class hierarchy displayed in the actor browser (like the decorations listed below UT Decoration).

For the purpose of this... tutorial, I'll assume that your decoration package file is called MychDecoPack.u and that you want your decorations to appear in a subtree called MychDeco. (Just substitute those terms where they occur with your own.)

  1. Browse to your UnrealTournament directory. You'll find a directory called "MychDecoPack" there. In that directory, there's a subdirectory called "Classes". Open it. This "Classes" directory contains a bunch of .uc files; each of those files corresponds to a decoration you converted (you'll recognize the file names as the names you gave your individual decorations).
  2. Create a new file in that directory, called MychDeco.uc, that contains the following code:
    class MychDeco extends Decoration;
  3. Open every single of the other .uc files and substitute the expression "extends Decoration" somewhere near the top of the file by "extends MychDeco". The result could look somewhat like this:
    class MychCupOfCoffee extends MychDeco;

Now what's left to do is to recompile the decoration package. Don't worry, it's just as easy.

  1. Open UnrealTournament.ini and find a couple of lines starting with the term "EditPackages". Add another line for your package (leave the .u off):
  2. Go to your UnrealTournament\System directory and delete (yes, delete) the old MychDecoPack.u.
  3. Open the Run dialog box (from the Start menu) and click the Browse button. Browse to your UnrealTournament\System directory and find a program called "ucc". Click Open.
  4. Back in the Run dialog box (you didn't click OK there yet), append the string "make" to the command line (separated by a blank). Now, click OK. A console window opens, and you'll see all of your EditPackages being processed, and your own decoration package too.

If everything works out, you'll find a new MychDecoPack.u in your UnrealTournament\System directory.

If it doesn't work our or if you have comments or questions, just hit the "Edit text of this page" link below and add your comments or questions at the bottom of this page.

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