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Tarquin: Suggestion: add a checkbox to set 'EdShouldSnap' property

Mychaeel: Good thought. Guess I'll add an "Advanced Options" dialog where LOD settings are available as well.

Tarquin: I imported the deco into MyLevel with "obj load file=projectorlight.u Package=MyLevel" and I then had to set the multiskins myself. what did I do wrong?

Mychaeel: Hmm... hmm. Shouldn't happen. Will think about that (and experiment a bit).

EntropicLqd: Are you going to port it to UT2003 and Unreal 2?

Mychaeel: With the new engine's enhanced abilities and the new "hardware brushes" I fear the demand for a tool like MeshMaker will rapidly decrease... but if there is any, I'll certainly consider it.

UsAaR33: Hmm.. I'd imagine demand skyrocketing. Hardware brushes must be used for movers after all. And with Epic's lack of support for Gmax (AFAIK), this leaves those without $1000+ to buy software (and with morals+) in the dark. Meshmaker could allow for easy creation of hardware brushes... just make something in ued... and it could become a hardware brush..

Mychaeel: As far as I know that functionality is already built into the new UnrealEd; from what I heard it's possible to create hardware brushes directly from the red builder brush and also convert static meshes back to BSP.

UsAaR33: Just wondering... how hard was meshmaker to code? I imagine the skin mapping being the hardest...

Mychaeel: The algorithm that "corrects" texture alignment when people try to do stuff that just won't work on meshes (tiling textures, for instance) was the trickiest part. Designing the interface to be as easy to use as possible took most of the time though...

Torn_Agressor: might not be a directly related question to meshmaker, but if i wanted to get the meshes into MyLevel how would i do this?..

Mychaeel: That's described on the [MeshMaker homepage].

King Mango:When creating a prefab in UED2, I aligned all the textures as I wanted, rebuilt the level exported the brush and ran it through mesh maker. When I placed it in my level, the textures had all been unaligned. I tried several times to correct this to no avail...

Mychaeel: It is technically impossible to "tile" textures on a mesh whereas it's very possible (and common) to do that on brush surfaces. When a texture is "tiled" on a brush surface, MeshMaker adjusts its alignment to meet those requirements.

Technical background: Texture alignment on a brush surface is defined by a texel origin for one of its corners and two vectors which specify orientation and scale; texture alignment on a mesh triangle is defined by simply a set of texel coordinates for each of the triangle's three corners.

SabbathCat: Hi Mychaeel, I've been trying to line up a texture on a "Cross" shaped mesh, I'd made a custom skin, and tried several ways of aligning it, but it always goes off, despite the texture being aligned to the corner. Is it possible to play with the texture alignment from withi the .3d file, or in the t3d before compiling? The texture itself is big enough that it shouldn't tile, it's set-up so it should in theory align perfectly when "aligned to floor".

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