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Go to MinisterFish/Developer Journal to see what I have been working on lately.

My Bio

I currently live in San Francisco and am a 33 year old college student (don't be like me and wait till you're this age to finish off your degree).

I started hanging the Unreal community at UTBooty (old review site) around early 2000 and started to get interested into mapping for UT. I only officially released one map even though I worked on quite a few different ideas. That map would be DOM-Extractor. I also did a remake of DM-Peak to DOM. All I did with that one was change the spawn points around and added some control points.

All of this started me to getting interested in game design and prompted me to go back to college so that I can get my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science (have an Associates in Math already). I started to mess around with other games and things outside of the Unreal Community, such as coding for Q3, making maps with Worldcraft for HL games, working with the Torque Engine (Tribes2), learn how to make things for the WildTangent plugin, play around with AliceBot.org to learn a little bit about chatterbots, beta test some games, etc. I still hung around the Unreal community during all this time, but more as a player in clans for UT and UT2003 and a forum member of http://www.utunlimited.net

So, with all this interest in games and mapping, I created a site called 3DMappers.com, which is a site not really dedicated to one engine or even one kind of level design software. The site is more of a collection of resources than being a resource site in itself. Basically, it's just my little playground.

Contact Info




  • irc.enterthegame.com #utunlimited #nc3
  • www.maxgaming.net #garagegames #realmwars

Tarquin: Hi there! Welcome to the unreal wiki :D

MinisterFish: Thanks :) I'll try to add my profile here sometime soon.

EntropicLqd: Hello and welcome. That's an interesting name.

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