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Mod Authoring/The Lazy Man's Guide

So you want to get into UnrealScript hacking now now now. This is what you should do:

  1. Export UnrealScript source files. Open UnrealEd, set the browser bar to Classes. Hit Export All. This dumps the UnrealScript source files to disk instantly creating your own SDK.
  2. Create a package directory and hack some code. Like this:
      mkdir MyPackage
      cd MyPackage
      mkdir Classes
      cd Classes
      edit MyScriptFile.uc
  3. Add your package to the EditPackages list in UnrealTournament.ini.
  4. Build your files with ucc. First delete your MyPackage.u if it exists. ucc make only rebuilds missing code packages. Then type ucc make from the System directory of your Unreal Tournament install.

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