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Mod Ideas/Accelerating Rockets

Wanted one of these since quake 1.

Makes long-range rocket sniping interesting.

Rocket at the beginning of its life: high splash (fuel plus warhead) but regular impact (no extra damage from speed)

Rocket near the end of its life: low splash (fuel gone, just warhead) but extra impact damage (high KE)

Rocket after burnout: a grenade with arc and tumble.

I like the way aiming this thing would work... all of the target lead would be for the first part of the flight.. the amount you would have to lead for longer distances would get smaller and smaller.

If you really wanted to make leading a target hellish you could give the rocket a terminal speed and/or have the acelleration ramp off... making it so hard to lead that youd want to be closer to the target than usual... where the rocket speed is slow and the splash radius is big.

Might need more base damage to make up for the tough aiming.


Yes please!! I am realy only interested in the accelerating part... It should start slow (default speed or maybe

a bit slower than default but quickly gain a lot of speed like a real rocket! That would be cool and maybe balance the shock-combo

a little... (It exists as a Q3A mutator) Can it be done, I wish I could do it myself!

Everybody knows that in reality a grenade or bullet slows down after firing and a rocket accelerates.

Er.. O yeah I am specificaly talking about UT(classic)...


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