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Mod Ideas/Bomberman

I guess you all know that old game where you can see some kind of maze from the top and you have to drop bombs to bomb your way. While doing so you can get upgrades that give your bombs longer ranges and stuff... Usually it is played with 2-4 players and you have to make sure you stay out of your enemys bomb-range ;)

I've got the idea from the team that does the "truecombat" total conversion based on Q3.

Things that need to be done:

  • create timed bombs a player can put on the ground
    • those bombs might only explode in "two dimensions"
  • create pickups that modify the bombs settings
  • make rocks explode nicely
  • change the viewpoint of the cam looking at the player (to get a view from above)
  • create maps with a lot rocks to bomb ;)
  • many other things I did not think of yet...

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