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Mod Ideas/CatchTheSmurf

Catch the Smurf

by LegalAssassin

K, here's the deal:


Everybody's running around like crazy trying to catch or kill one Smurf. The Smurf is a bot that moves really fast, at least when strafing and turning. The one who gets the Smurf wins the game. This can also be Team based, with x teams trying to get one Smurf, kinda like Tally-Ho, but with one Smurf instead of lots of monsters.


You can also add multiple Smurfs, say 20 with the same properties. This way you can miss "your" Smurf but maybe get some other. The winner is the one with the most Smurfs in his bag at the end. Of course this can also be team based. In team games the Smurfs also run faster than the player, making 'em l33t in any move (The team benefits from working togheter, herding the Smurf(s))


Maps should be different Smurfy scenarios, such as mushroom villages and.... uhm can't remember, but Smurfy anyway ;) There should be smurf bg music and perhaps the same llama system as in Tally-Ho (great mod, come to thinking of it)


EntropicLqd: That's a funny idea. If you made it a team game then the Smurf could run faster than the normal player. The smurf runs away from the nearest players which means you have to team up to "herd" the Smurf to one of the players on your team.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: What will the smurfs look like?

LegalAssassin Err... pretty much like Smurfs :rolleyes:

@ EntropicLqd: I forgot that part, thanks for the reminder *added*

ZxAnPhOrIaN: I bet that the AI will be hard to script!

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