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Mod Ideas/CrossfireFootball

Mod ideas for UT 2003 – Crossfire Football

About Crossfire Football

This game is played with up to 4 teams on a large flat (but not necessairly open) arena. In the center of the arena a large fairly massive ball will be spawned. All players will spawn with a single weapon that fires a small sphere. The longer the fire button is held down the faster (or mabye more massive) the sphere will be. These weapons should be used to "steer" the ball into other teams goals to score. Needless to say, players a squashed by the ball.

I'm undecided as to whether to allow players to kill each other with their weapons - the game may just turn into a deathmatch then. I'm also considering whether placing "ammo top up" points near the team's goal mouth is sensible so players have to re-arm themselves rather than having unlimited ammution.


ZxAnPhOrIaN: Neat gametype! When you shoot someone with the balls, you and the person that you shot, will go back to where you respawn.

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