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Mod Ideas/Delivery

The Delivery

NOTE: this mod contains no violence


the point of the game is to deliver a package without damaging it, by using anything available, and as soon as possible.


Things that aid with transportation (using KARMA physics):

jeeps, trucks, SUVs, jet bikes, buggies, planes?, boats?
grapling hooks(cables)
speeding platforms, jump pads


Jungles, Tropical mountain/valleys, forests, futuristic cities with skyscrapers, underground tunnels

Score Tracking

  • can be time based
  • damage decreases the score
  • performing tricks adds bonus points


  • Before the beginning of the "Match" players could place the checkpoints for the opposing team – that way there are endless possibilities of strategies, for playing a single map.
  • I wonder if the UT2k3 engine is capable of playing maps suitable (big enough) for jet
  • I was thinking about combining my idea with the [Rocket Jockey]?.planes
  • I am looking for ppl. to help me with this idea (hint, hint...)
  • I don' want this to be a racing kind of mod, nor a flight simulator. My main focus is on cool tricks that can be done with physics, and driving is one of them. For example, imagine making a leap over the rooftops in an offroad race car, or trying to cross a trench wider than the car's wheels — that could be a cool challenge.
  • To expand on the speeding platforms idea:
    • I got it from a book I read. Some futuristic city had instead of sidewalks, moving platforms. the platrfomrs move in some kind of a loop. They reach all parts of the city. People jump from one platform to another in order to get to where they want. Moreover, some platforms have higher speeds than others — like express lanes. Anways, in the book teenager used those platforms to race each other — I want the players of my mod to use platforms to deliver packages quicker to the destination.
  • Also, grapling hooks can be used to carry packages in a 'spiderman' way — should be allowed for packages with little weight.
  • Another idea, is to have an open trunk of a vehicle where the big package is placed. Players have to drive without making the package fall out of the trunk.
  • I need coders'\modellers' help with this.

By AlphaOne


AlphaOne: ...

LegalAssassin Sounds interesting, I actually thought of the same thing, except the package being a pizza and the objective is to stop your enemy (GUNZ!) ;) while delivering your pizzas, more points the sooner it gets there, to different places.

Have you thought of a bike? Lawn mover? Inlines? A trained rabbit :D

Icedude: I was tinking this idea would be more like the GTA3 taxi mode, but you dont need to pick up people, but this idea is way cooler

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