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Mod Ideas/Dropship


A large VTOL aircraft, capable of carrying four bulldogs worth of stuff inside it,

and has two seperate laser turrets on the sides (dual shock rifle turrets).

Interested Scripters


Foxpaw: This would be easy enough to do, but it faces a couple of problems:

  • It would be HUGE to hold 4 bulldogs plus the turrets plus any other space it itself took up. Most maps don't even have enough room for a bulldog to romp around.
  • It would require at least 4 players, and 4 players in bulldogs may upset the balance somewhat. On top of that, the dropship would be so big, you could just land it on top of people and crush them.

Mosquito: I'm yet to see any really flying vehicles (airpower is just over glorified redeemers)

Foxpaw: My mod uses highly configurable spacecraft that you "build" from various components. It's not difficult to make flying vehicles.

Mosquito: mind sharing this mod with the rest of the class?! Damn it! its raining outside!

Foxpaw: It's not done yet.. it was more or less done but I decided to expand it and rewrite a bunch of stuff. So right now lots of the ship stuff is broken, waiting for the boarding actions stuff to be finished. I hope to have something to show for the second phase of the MSU contest.

MythOpus: This sounds cool, but are you gonig to make a new gametype of sorts where the players have to land their dropship and secure an area while a defending team tries to stop them or what ?

GRAF1K: I'll be surprised if we don't see this stock with UT2004. If not, the size limitations wouldn't apply to the huge Assault maps. As for landing on people, the dropship wouldn't be flat on the bottom – landing gear would raise it easily high enough to avoid such a problem.

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