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Mod Ideas/Extreme Co-Op


Most people have probably played Unreal 1 coop mode, or ONP coop, right? The basic idea was "play single-player levelswith your friends". This mod would take that a bit further, and improve on singleplayer while it's at it. Heres a fewbasic ideas for the coop levels:

  • Multi-switch doors: these doors only open when both switches are pressed at the same time, so that means two people areneeded.
  • Multi-position vehicles: wait, never mind, these are already in UT2k4
  • Distractions: killing the monster guarding the switch will set of an alarm, and you need to press the switch, what do youdo? simple, have one guy get his attention, and sneak up on the switch SLOWLY so he cant hear you. just make sure yourfriend keeps him distracted long enough to escape.
  • Human ladder: The UTJB feature strikes back, by standing on a friends shoulders, you can reach the switch to open a dooror such.
  • 'Better' bosses: One thing annoying abut the Unreal 1 bosses was that they didnt have a pattern or anything, it was justshoot shoot shoot untill theyre dead. For this there could be bosses that can only be damaged by shooting their back, sodistractions are needed again. And of course he bosses who cant be hurt unless you do something in the boss arena (likepress a switch to turn of the bosses shield) or can only be hurt after doing a certain attack.
  • Delayed lifts: Ah, lifts that move when you stand on them, i've spent a lot of my time in Unreal 1 coop waiting for thosethings to come back down so i can go up after someone. On really crowded srvers, you could get stuck at the first lift forages and not get to see the rest of the level at all because of someone finishing it. How about a new mover type that waitsa bit after someone stands on it before it moves, so more people can get on? How about using buttons like in real elevators to move the lifts up/down? (UT1999 has movers like this, UT2003 needs custom made for them)

Interested Coders, Mappers, Whatevers


EntropicLqd: When cutting and pasting from notepad - make sure wordwrap is turned off - that way the line breaks are not inserted into the final content.

Mosquito: I was thinking about this too.. have fun.

Foxpaw: What's this about UT1999 mentioned above?

MadNad: You can delay a mover already with the movers supplied by ut2k3. You can use triggers to for buttons for the doors. I just managed to code a more complex mover with switches and doors that the bots actually use. I do love the idea of co-op. There are many games that I wished had multiplay co-op mode. Good luck, sounds fun

Foxpaw: The only issue I could see would be that the puzzles and stuff would be easy to solve after the first time that you'd played the levels. Once you knew the "tricks" to the bosses they'd all be easy to beat. I think it would be hard to keep replay value in the levels.

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