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Mod Ideas/Freeloader

Here's the idea...

This is just a quick overview BTW, once i start to get the actual coding up and running i'll flesh this out a bit.

I love EV. ([Ambrosia])

This is the plan:

Combine WIng commander with GTA 3. WC for the ship in space, GTA3 for the planets. Then integrate all that into the EV universe.

For starters I plan on making the space that is 2d in the game, a 3D space flight type simulator, with radar. The planets and other ships will be drawn usign drawscale proportionate to the distance away from the ship. When a player is close enough to the ship or planet, they can shoot it down, hail it, or land on it, depending on the type and flags set.

When the player lands on a port, or on a large starship, they can walk around and interact with other NPCs, get missions ala GTA3, use the dock to buy a new ship or upgrade it, etc.

If my description is unclear in some way, please post here so that I can clarify.

I plan on this being a SP game, and hopefully being able to save it, but I haven't been able to do that yet.

I will post if I need help on this or otherwise if the project goes defunct for some reason, where it went wrong.



DJPaul: Exactly the same as the game of the same name (hey, that rhymes..) - redundant page?

BonzoESC: OK, I guess I'm not the only one who thinks this sounds like Freelancer.

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