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Mod Ideas/Jet Set Tournament 2003

Mod Idea: Jet Set/ Jet Set Radio Future

Anyone else familiar with the games Jet Set Radio, Jet Grind Radio, or Jet Set Radio Future? You basically zip around on inline skates, pulling tricks, grinding on rails, and spraying graffiti for points. The sequel game, Jet Set Radio Future, introduced a feature best described as "lock strafing". When you face an enemy within a certain range, a cursor appears on them, and pressing a button causes your view to lock to them, so that skating forward makes you follow them, and skating sideways makes you circle them. I'm imagining this would be no fun at all with instant-hit weapons, so it probably requires a weapon mod, also, to provide weapons that are short-range, have slow projectiles, or work only as melee weapons. In particular, slow-moving projectiles could make very interesting dodging. I'd also be interested in different degrees of conversion - from just a lock strafing mutator, with possibly also Deathmatch based on the JSRF "Tagger's Tag" mode, where you have to paint opponents at very close range from behind, up to possibly full conversion, with maps that have rails, graffiti tag points, and everything. The last option has amusing visual possibilities - consider, say, Gorge, grinding down a rail on inline skates, doing flips and other stunts ;-) I'm also nowhere near being able to tackle such a project now, but I'm just putting the idea out there to see what others think of it, and maybe I'll start looking at it more seriously when I decide my current project is "done".


MythOpus: HEy, I don't kno bout any1 else but, Nice idea, I myself haven't palyed but I've seen the reviews and heard a lot from mah friends and, yea, it would be an awesum Idea 4 a mod ! If u eva get round to doing it, I'm first in line 4 beta testing !

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