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Mod Ideas/Predator


What is predator? Ever watch the movie and wish you were the predator stalking the defenceless humans. Well thats what this gametype is. Deadly ideas self!

In depth Description

When the game starts a random person is choosen to be the predator. The predator should start with an instagib rifle and be partially invisible(WITHOUT IT RUNNING OUT BTW). Then the game seperates everybody on one team and the predator on the other. Everyone hunts the predator but get blown to pieces by the instagib rifle. When the predator gets killed the person who killed it becomes the new predator. You can only get points by being the predator. Thus meaning the winner is the one with the most points.

~The Twiggman~


nomad: Sounds good, the only problem I see with it is the team switching thing. I've already tried this and the only way to switch teams is before the game starts. It's something to do with the new team system Epic have created. But it's not possible, and with a little work it could be pulled off.

Claw: Why switch teams at all? Just make it Deathmatch with one being the Predator, like so many similar mods for UT. I think that it would be cooler with more authentic weapons though. Shoulder cannon (with targeting help maybe :)) and wristblades. It would rock in big terrain maps.

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