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Mod Ideas/RandomDOM


6 to 20 dom point plate things are scattered around the map, but each round, it randomly chooses two of them and places the A and B symbols on them. this would prevent between-round campint of the points, and would allow more ASymetrical maps to be made (a cruise boat for example)

Interested Scripters


Daid303: Sounds smart, maybe this can even be done with normal deathmatch levels, select 2 pathnodes, make sure they are X away from each other, and TADA, randomDom

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Neat idea, also we could integrate this into my Dompendant idea, or vice versa!

Daid303: Uh, yes and no, Dompendant isn't really for DoubleDom (UT2003) and this idea is.

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