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Mod Ideas/RoundUp

Mod ideas for ::UT:: – RoundUp for ::UT::



Teams have a new weapon along with with whatever other weapons they are mutated to have. This weapon fires a FreezeRay at an opposing player. That player is now frozen but can turn around and can still teamsay for help. The only way this frozen player can move is when one of three things happen:

  • The effect of the weapon wears off
  • One of his/her teammates touches him/her
  • One of the other teams members touches frozen player.

When you are frozen and a member of the other team touches you, you become his/her prisoner. You can only look around, but where your captor travels, you are forced to follow. Captor will lead you to a holding cell at captor's base. If he screws around too long, you will become free and possibly take your captor captive. Once captor enters base with you, you are forced to walk into the holding cell. There you remain the durration (so games need to be fairly short timed). The team with the most captives at end of game time || has all opposing members captive before end of game wins.


In deathmatch if you are frozen you are subject to remain frozen until:

  • effect wears off
  • you are taken captive.

The player with the most captives at end of game time || has all opposing members captive before end of game wins. hmmm where does he take 'em? Either base i guess, frags awarded on delivery??


Has no range limit, (like pulse) But its effect does have a timeout setting. The idea would be that you can freeze someone for your teammate enroute to pick up the captive, or you can freeze them and collect them yourself. But, if you can't get to them before the effect wears off || their teammate frees them, then you were just being rude i suppose. Unless it was to stop them from putting a chill on your teammate. Person frozen needs to appear to be effected other than just by standing still.
Maybe teammates can use alt-fire on each other to thaw them out.

Map Considerations

Need to have holding cells inside of or attached to bases. Bases would be nice if they were located high with the holding cells positioned to where captives could at least watch the rest of the game. To make the mod able to use ctf maps the captive could be sent, and confined to other teams base.

Interested Scripters

If you are interested in developing this mod for UT then add your name to the list. Once you start development you should indicate that below (and hopefully include a link to a journal page). Before you start development you should also check this section to see if anyone else has started.


DJPaul: Sounds like [TeamFreeze].

CH3Z: Sounds like the weapon and the way the player is idicated as being frozen are what i was thinking about. I don't play 2k3, but i didn't see a page like this for ::UT:: classic. I don't think [TeamFreeze]has a prisoner feature does it? Maybe this whole idea should be posed as suggestions for TF. That's what it's all about afterall, a suggestion. I would love to see it for ::UT::, but i might have to do it myself... long journey for me.
I think making the captor, follow, holding cell, and all that would be pretty easy for someone who has the modding experience. "event Touch( Actor other )" sounds like an easy one for the engine to watch for. Then the captive's position mimicks the captors poistion +/- X and +/- Y to make him follow or be pushed ahead of captor. I'm sure you could do it, Paul. Might even use stand in for the captive, that is a bot... hmmm that makes me think.
Anyway, i think the gameplay would be interesting and fun and it wouldn't be all THAT hard to code. If you don't do anything with the idea for TF, and maybe even if you do, I'm pretty sure to make this mod for ::UT::. But, like i said, "long journey for me".



Quote from [TeamFreeze/About] "Bugs? They're undiscovered features!"

hehehe i love that =)

DJPaul: TF has already had a few releases. I said i'd help Gerard with it *months ago*, but have neglected to get around to it yet, and G's been quiet lately :). See http://mods.moddb.com/692/ and http://www.badgergoose.com/teamfreeze/index.html for a download URL.

CH3Z: I have designated this mod idea RoundUp for ::UT:: Classic now. But i think it would be a nice new gametype for TF still.

Gerard: I have the source for the mod lying around, with all the "packaging" stuff (the NSIS script). If anyone's interested in taking the project over, they can mail me from the project pages at either moddb, or from the project's homepage.


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