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Mod Ideas/RunningOfTheBulldogs

Basically, the idea is that a number of Bulldog vehicles do their very best to run over the players

who are trying to be first to get to a safe endpoint. The last man standing or the first player to the

endpoint wins.

I was initially thinking that the bulldogs would be controlled by the AI, but then I thought that it would

be interesting (and easier to implement) if they were controlled by humans. Maps would be mostly open or

large-featured with few nooks to hide in. I can see that the maps could get really crazy. Some could be

based off of Spanish villages, some could be futuristic cities, some could be a long series of halfpipes.

Adrenaline could be used to good effect by having it increase in moments of stress (running from bulldog)

and decrease in other times (like when not moving or being chased).

Maybe include new powerups... speed boosters, roadblock dojiggers, and whatnot.

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