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Mod Ideas/Stellar Conflict

It is the year 2319, and the Galaxy is on the brink of civil war...

Stellar Conflict is a total conversion mod for UT2003. Players choose to ally themselves with one of two factions; the developed and desperate Humans, or the industrial and resource rich Terrans.

Gameplay will focus on team combat utilizing various space-based missions. Players will choose and pilot various zero-grav fighters and compete in interstellar combat. Each fighter will be unique, with various weapons systems and handling capabilities. Fighters will be able to be flown in any direction, including strafing left/right and up/down. The objective will be simple: engage and destroy the enemy force; whether they have battle fleets, space stations, or space-cities.

Players will have the option of boarding enemy battleships and stations and fight in small-arms combat while their wingmates are fighting in space. Teamwork will be vital if the enemy forces are to be destroyed.

Please stop by our temporary website http://members.lycos.co.uk/stellarconflict/ to keep up-to-date on Stellar Conflict.

We are hard at work making models, maps, and code for this mod, however we still need some help. Want to help out or join the team? Read the website for more position info. We have a few positions left....

- coder

- modeler

- 2d/skinner

please no mappers at this time!

Feel free to leave your feedback (good or bad)

- Stellar Conflict Team


Interested Scripters


we want the ships to have a full range of motion, with rotation relevant to the players view, rather than the world... being able to do barrel rolls, loops, and whatnot, but our coder cant for the life of him figure a way to do it...

he is currently using quats like in this method http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/Quaternion_Rotation

but that has proved to be hardly different from the normal UT2003 player movement.

would anyone be willing and able to help us out in this matter?

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Foxpaw: That sounds something like a mod I'm developing.. though mine is a bit different. The point is, both use ships that can be piloted in any direction. It does not require the use of quaternions, or even complex rotators. For a while I couldn't figure out what the >> was for, but now that I have, I suspect you will find it very useful.. It may do other things as well, but it can be used to calculate a vector relative to your rotation. If you use this in conjunction with the Karma physics you can achieve the effect you are aiming for. You can usually achieve the same thing by using GetAxes and then multiplying one of the resultant vectors by another vector. I'll try to put up some information on how to accomplish something like this on the Karma page when I add more to it.

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