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Mod Ideas/TheVirus


Gameplay: Team based surival

Setting: Year: 7034 (21 B.A.) Deep space imperial Vessels

Teams: Humans/Nakiterrains VS. Black virus.

Weapons: An array of military weapins, expiermental weapons, tools, and bio agents.

Atmosphere: Dark, cold, bloody.


The Year is 7034, Mankind has expanded into a massive imperial power known as the White (Morningstar for slang), fear thorought the known univirse as brutal and swashbuckling, knocking down obstacles and crushes all weaker powers. The 4 main powers (Humans, Nakiterrians, Turoxgen, Sancutarian a faction of nakiterrian) are caught in fierce headlock, with small conflicts arrupting around all the borders, and harsh words being thrown around the F.O.E (federation of empires - Like the UN)

In the eve of galactical war of apocalypal porportions, a single data stream was sent directly from the empirer himself to the farthest outpost of the Human exploration known solely as the Deep.

Deadline has been pushed forward stop Engage stop

At 2:60 am standard earth time all contact with the Deep research station was lost. The E.S. Sierra, the last ship to have been in contact with the missing research station was intercepted by the H.S.C.S. Nihilian 2 at 7:30 am, at 9:43 am a distress signal was sent from the H.S.C.S Nihilian 2. At 10:35 H.S.C.S Quebec (6 light years from where the nihilian 2 was last reported, stopped transmiting, At 12:33 pm the E.S Amphile drifted into senser range for the Space station St. John. (57 light years from where the nihilian was last reported) The boarding party reported that the ship was disable, and much for the walls where covered in blood, pools of a black liquid where

found much of the ship, after a sample was brought aboard the station, at 2:14 pm the St. John sent a distress call.

On the opposite border White and Sanctuary forces engage Turoxgen warships, and none of the deep space distress calls where reached on time.

The Nakiterrians that share the border with the White, disbanched 4 star vessels to respond to the distress calls at 7:34 pm.

Virus takes place on the White and Nakiterrian research vessels that when silent between the hours of 9:45 am and beyond.


  • H.S.C.S Nihilian 2
  • H.S.C.S Quebec


  • E.S. Sierra
  • E.S. Amphile
  • St. John


There are 2 teams, the Crew, and the Virus.

The Crew spawn randomly thoughout the ship or station, being anything from a solider armed with an assault rifle, A scientist with abilitity to use special items and heal. Ships Crew, able to open doors and access computers. Assorted officers, civilians, politicians or prisoners. Randomly selected based where you spawn (if you spawn on the bridge, your an officer, or a solider, if you spawn in a lab, a scientist, etc.) The humans must find weapons that are laying throughout the ship, and find eachother (hopefully not kill eachother) before... IT gets them. They will need to use teamwork (healing eachother, defending the weakers players, and opening doors and turning on ship systems, all to activate the ships emergancy becon so that rescue ships can locate them and extract them. text messages fade out depending how far away the person is from you, you can message people through terminals. All players have X amount of lives before they become one of them

The virus spawn from the pools of black liquid, and are these leopord like beast that are fast but quite weak, the first one is AI, but once a crew member has used up ALL its lives it become one of them, a virus, the longer the are alive, the more bonus points they get, that alows them to evolve to larger evils

AI will fill in for the virus in the begining, player virus ratio 2.5:1

Virus classes

(note: they'll all dark black)

Spawn: kat: 3 feet long. furless animal, with no eyes and no tail

  • can leap attack 3 feet
  • night vision

10 points: Prawler: 5 feet long. Furless animal with a small tail and triple jointed limps

  • can leap attack 5 feet
  • night vision
  • can smell blood (injuried crew members become bate, which can make for some interesting tactics)
  • can run along any surface for 5 seconds before falling
  • tail attack

20 points: Hunter:: 7 feet long. Furless reptile with small slits for eyes, triples jointed, back legs reversed (knees point backwards), vertical mouth.

  • can leap attack 5 feet and pin players to the ground (crew members can only hope that there's a buddy near by to knock it off before it guts them like a fish)
  • heat vision
  • Can smell humans
  • can run along ANY surface
  • advanced tail attack (spear a player and then drag them away from the rest of the party)


20 points: Feeder: large beast, with arms that drag itself along the ground, very slow, with a massive mouth simular to the worms from dune.

  • can shoot out its tounge to grasp players and drag them in
  • can see heartbeats
  • able to place a player in its month and slowly eat them whole and then spitting out a skeleton (if the beast is killed before the player is degested, they can be recovered)

60 points: If you selected the hunter: Preditor: 10 feet long with black eyes and snake like head, triple jointed, with chicken walker hind legs and pray mantence style claws that fold into the fore arm.

  • Can leap attack 10 feet and crush a player with one blow.
  • can see players through walls
  • can run along any surface
  • Advanced tail attack
  • can stand on 2 feet when sprinting and knock players off there feet.
 * Claw attack that can cut players in two with one slice.


60 points: If you selected feeder: Army: 10 feet fall, with massive mouth and the sides of the body are covered in arms that pull against all surfaces alowing for incredible speed.

  • Can shoot out a tounge that is controlled from a camera mounted on it, allowing it to go around corners to get players that are hinding, then reel them in and eat them.
  • Can see players through walls (maxium 30 feet, and can be cut)
  • Able to eat 5 players at once and gets NO punishment for tking (thats right, your big enough, you can eat ANYTHING you fucking want, tho, preditors can rip open you stomach form the inside and kill you in afew seconds flat)
  • Can spit out a MASSIVE cloud of burning acid that kills players unless they're protected.

As you can see, the last 2 evolutions are pretty much, "crew members, you've been sitting on your ass to too long, you have about 2 minutes before we find you have rip you apart Star ship troopers style. The idea is if you incounter them, you're fucked, not questions asked, the pred will chase you, one leap and you'll be dead, the army will shot its tounge, and reel you in within seconds, and eat you whole.

Virus can ONLY evolve in the black pools, and if the player falls into a black pool they're pretty much dead.

The idea of a game is:

The humans spend 10 minutes finding eachother, then they get working on activating the generator/computer/airlock/, the virus would have atleast 1 victom, and going about fragging some ass. The players would be huddled togather, With the scientist being protected since they can heal teammates, the soliders going ahead clearing rooms, and the other players doing there jobs repectivily. There is always more then 5 ways get the becon online, and after that the players need to get to the airlock the game randomly selects for them (they may or may not have to open it). they hall some ass over then, the rescue ship pops up, and gives some over while you all get on board, then leaves the docking bay. Once the ship has docked, they have 3 minutes to get to it before they get there ass out of there. And if the Virus kills them first then the crew is fucked (they're pretty heavy armed, it would take 2~3 pred to kill the rescue team)


Mosquito I hope that makes SOME sense, I'm pretty drunk right now and the spelling is bad. What do you think? I'd be looking for a coder and a modeler right now (I map) And in light of the Badkarma scandel! DO NOT STEAL THIS IDEA!! I HAVE IT DOCUMENTED!! AND RECORDED!! I WILL NOT BE AS KIND AS BADKARMA!!!!

Oh, and drawing soon!

Foxpaw: Who's badkarma? I haven't heard anything about it. Anyways, the idea sounds neat, but I don't think it really has to be a TC. You could probrably do it as a gametype.

Mosquito: You want ALL this shit in a single gametype? are you fucking mad!! this would involve alot of new pawn classes, new netcode, new textures and phyics!! MADNESS I SAY!! MADNESS

also, tomorrow I plan to add info about weapons (this is gonna be my makeshift design document! with public input)

Foxpaw: Well, I'm just saying, I think it could be done. Spawning of pawns, selection of spawn points, etcetera is done by the gametype, so you could technically put all of the stuff in there.

On a completely unrelated note.. in the year 7000 humans will probrably have unfathomable weapons.. look at how far we've come in the last 1000 years.. from bows and arrows to automatic grenade launchers... I'd speculate in another 5000 years we'll have handguns that can demolish planets and personal shields capable of withstanding supernovas. That's just speculation, of course.. I'd expect this sort of scenario would be more like the year 2500. But that's just me.

Mosquito: edit: BLAH!! fuck it, to much info that just will confuse things even more, if you wanna read what I said look at the revisions

RegularX: Just so you don't think I ripped you off when the next version of Freehold rolls around: http://inkless.com/freehold/containment.html :) We might be looking for Containment mappers for Freehold NG...

Mosquito: Looks neato, I'll sure be playing it when it comes out.

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