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Mod Ideas/TouchDown

Mod ideas for UT 2003 – Touchdown

About Touchdown

In touchdown a flag/ball/strange object is spawned randomly on a normal CTF map. One team is assigned to attack, and one team is assigned to defend. Essentially, the attacking team must find the "ball" and place it at the defender's flag base. Once this occurs the attacking team gain a point and the "ball" is respawned on the map. If a defender touches the "ball" then it is simply respawned somewhere on the map. This allows the defending team to clear the ball but not run off and hide with it. After 5 minutes of play the teams are swapped over. The team with the most points after the two 5 minute sessions wins the match. There is no extra time, and draws are allowed.


It's not likely that this mod will work well as it is too close to the Bombing Run gametype. Would probably be OK for UT though. – EntropicLqd

Foxpaw: I kind of like the idea personally.. the random respawning I think would set it apart. On the other hand, that could be implemented as a mutator for bombing run.

Phantasmagorium: I think that, while close to bombing run, it is different enough to merit a gametype. After all, it's like mixing assault (my favorite gametype in the original UT) with bombing run, and that is cool.

Foxpaw: It's certainately different, but I'd still say a mutator would be better if it's possible - I guess it's from my own belief that a mod should be as lightweight and non-intrusive as possible.

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