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Mod Ideas/Unreal1Monsters


your favorite baddies from Unreal 1 are back, with shiney new meshes and karma deaths ^_^ need i be more blunt?


[Unreal Tower] - These guy(s) already started porting the monsters to UT2003!.

Interested Scripters


capt.k.: Blunt, no. Realistic, yes.

Dezro: Actually, [MeltDown] is porting his MonsterMadness mod to UT2003, along with the Unreal monsters. He's probably going to use the same old meshes and no karma, though.

Githianki: Since there were only a few decent monsters that might be interesting. skaarj, mercenary, krall, titan, tentacle, brute, gasbag, and pupae right? Was warlord in Unreal or was it NaPali? Queen, blob, bat thing, and demonfish sucked. Am I missing anyone? Actually the only ones I really liked were krall and skaarj. The rest were so-so.

capt.k.:Hm. Yeah... at the time I wrote the above I wasn't aware that vertex meshes were still supported. Meltdown's a good programmer and actually one of the guys who made me want to get into UScripting – I'm sure it'll kick ass. :)

Piglet: This also seems pretty pointless now that U2 is out

BonzoESC: Forget U2, we've got Invasion! (Epic UT2003 Bonus Pack)

DJPaul: ....so the page can be deleted, surely.

Foxpaw: Invasion isn't a very good substitute in my opinion. It's also a clear ripoff of Monster Madness, but that aside, Invasion doesn't allow for teamplay. I liked playing Us Against Them with hard monsters.

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